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PlanTech for Education

We love supporting education. We've worked with all levels of education: middle schools, high schools, and higher education - we love being a part of the education process. Let us put our many years of experience and knowledge to work for you!

Years of Experience

Over 7 years and counting! We've very successfully deployed full wireless solutions, iPad initiatives and many other specific solutions unique to each school we work with!

- Over 7 Years of Direct Experience with K-12 and Higher Education
- 1:1 Deployments with MDM
- iPad's for Education
- Chromebooks for Education
- Office 365 for Education
- Wireless Deployment and Implementation
- Understand the Unique Challenges of K-12 Schools and Higher Education
- Extensive Knowledge of LMS Systems
- Discounted Education Pricing
- VERY Financially Conscious
- Innovative Education Solutions
- Numerous Trainings & Certifications
- CIPA / HIPAA / PCI Compliance Training

We Can Support It All

We are able to take on and help you support all of your technology needs. You tell us what you need help with, and we'll send an engineer onsite completely free of charge to review your current technology and what you are hoping to achieve.

We're trained, certified and professional technicians who understand educating tomorrows leaders is the most important task at hand. Our experience in education along with our attention to detail will provide you with the best experience you'll find anywhere.

Email Us or Call Us at 206-265-9405 Today!


About PlanTech


PlanTech Solutions is a company born from an idea that IT can be done better. We want to see your business succeed through building customized technology solutions based on your needs. We understand many might not grasp the complexities of evolving technology, but PlanTech is here to help you plan out a better long-term IT solution.

Our Mission

Helping businesses successfully adapt to technology needs through planned solutions.

Our Approach

Yielding the best results possible for our customers through honest business practices, appropriate planning and careful implementation.