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Managed Technology Services

I.T. Done Right

Your technology done right the first time, every time. As simple as that, maximum uptime for your office along with maximum smiles.

Transparency & Honesty

We track our time down to the second, no rounding... ever. You are always able to see how we spent all of our time for each and every single request providing 100% transparency in our work.

Cheaper Than FTE

For all of our clients, we've either saved them money or headaches, often both. We can do the same amount of work as a typical IT full time employee for on average half the cost.

Trained IT Professionals

We are highly skilled, highly trained IT professionals which allow us to save you time and money. We provide free consultations and can provide many happy references for our work.

On Site Business Analysis

We'll come to you and perform a full review of your business, including what could be done to better your experience with technology, completely free of charge.

Free Services?

We have clients that after making the switch to us, were able to cut out so many unnecessary services that their monthly bill from us is virtually free.

How We Can Help

Allow us to schedule an obligation free meeting at the site of your business where we'll cover all of your concerns and ask relevant questions.

We'll show how we can save you time, effort and best of all money in areas of your business where inefficiencies lie; all based on real world examples from existing clients.

Shortly after our meeting, we'll have a full and comprehensive analysis detailing what could be improved and how we can improve them for you.

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About PlanTech

IT Support Services Expert Logo

PlanTech Solutions is a company born from an idea that IT can be done better. We want to see your business succeed through building customized technology solutions based on your needs. We understand many might not grasp the complexities of evolving technology, but PlanTech is here to help you plan out a better long-term IT solution.

Our Mission

Helping businesses successfully adapt to technology needs through planned solutions.

Our Approach

Yielding the best results possible for our customers through honest business practices, appropriate planning and careful implementation.