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Active Directory Management

PlanTech's Active Directory Management tool puts the power of Active Directory in your employees hands, without running the risk of major disaster. We created a simple and easy-to-navigate webpage that allows the users you choose to create new accounts, edit only certain attributes, and disable certain acocunts. If certain departments like HR are filling up your time with constant user account changes, then put the power in their hands with this tool! Completely Secure with IP whitelisting and login requirements Easy to understand interface Completely customizable for your business needs Able to be adjusted at any time in the future Free Trial!

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Standard features of all apps:

All of our web applications enjoy these high quality features: Highest standards of SSL encryption External Authentication Options (i.e. Active Directory) Dedicated SQL database per unique customer (enhanced security) Dedicated and customizable subdomains for your business Mobile and tablet friendly Highly customizable to meet all of your needs Responsive customer service We implement requested features from our customers Stellar customer service Built in knowledge base and how to's

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About PlanTech


PlanTech Solutions is a company born from an idea that IT can be done better. We want to see your business succeed through building customized technology solutions based on your needs. We understand many might not grasp the complexities of evolving technology, but PlanTech is here to help you plan out a better long-term IT solution.

Our Mission

Helping businesses successfully adapt to technology needs through planned solutions.

Our Approach

Yielding the best results possible for our customers through honest business practices, appropriate planning and careful implementation.